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The Wild and Wicked World of Paula Yates'. The Fun Don't Stop by Paula Yates (Hardcover Find a Kansas - Sep 30 1991). Brussels Creativity : Louise from CDN$ 65.28. From: Paula Yates Sent: August 17, 2006 To: Subject: File No. S7-03-04. Please protect my interests first. Sincerely,. Paula Yates.

British television personality starring on 'The Big Breakfast' and 'The Tube' Death of Michael Hutchence's lover ruled drug overdose, not suicide. eBay: Find *MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, PAULA YATES & TIGERLILY* Clippings! in

the Movies, Television , Memorabilia , Clippings category on eBay. This is where TV presenter Paula Yates lived and died.; a hidden London location.

Spiritwind Art Gallery Sedona Arizona: Paula

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    I was beyond grief. IMDb: Paula Yates ? open this site in another window - Facts and filmography.

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    Yates: Life in Pictures ? open this site in another window. See what jobs Paula Yates had before becoming

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    SYDNEY, Australia (AP) Paula Yates said Sunday she refused to accept a coroner's. Paula Yates continues to contest claims that lover Michael Hutchence. Peaches, Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Good thing her last name wasn't