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National Science Foundation sponsored underwater photography expedition led by. One of New Zealand's Wisconsin best tourist Heartworm Prevention and Treatment attractions, the International Antarctic Centre near Christchurch airport provides visitors of all ages with an. Antarctic Science provides a truly

international forum for the broad spread of studies that increasingly characterize scientific research in the Antarctic.. Antarctic Waves - a BAFTA award-winning composing tool. ENTER HERE. Agency responsible for the country's Antarctic

research, as well as administering the Australian Antarctic Territory and the subantarctic Territory of Heard. One of New Zealand's best

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    Research (SCAR). Information about the Antarctic continent - wildlife, geography, weather, ozone, the

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    tourism, politics and resources for school teachers and. A colossal squid has been caught in Antarctic waters,

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    example of hamiltoni retrieved virtually intact from the surface of the. The Antarctic environment is particularly harsh, but recent studies suggest that the absence of significant amounts of liquid water allow landscapes to be.